@@What's a "miura-ori" ?

@"miura-ori" or "miuraori" started when Professor Koryo Miura of Tokyo University's lnstitute of Space and Aeronautical Science released his papers at IASS Symposium in 1970.


@Since then. "miura-ori" , a folded structure, has been employed in space as solar panels for "HALCA" , the Japanese solar system probe satellite and Space Shuttles, and solar yachts and solar sail are also on program.


@Because of it's excellent features, the "miura-ori" has been used and experimented in folding and unfolding of paper. Since "miura-ori" is an "origami method" , a tradional Japanese art of paper-folding method. wherein paper is folded over and over again along once-formed creases, the paper could only be folded by hand, thereby forcing the users to abandon a part of the inherent "folding" feature. This was an impediment for mass production and cost reduction.


@We have new developed a unique method of production which is use mster-plate system in conformity with the principle of the "miura-ori". The features of "paper-folding" are fully exercised and at the same time, manufacturing cost is reduced and mass production is realized, thereby enabling us to provide various products and packages.


@The "miura-ori" has been named by the British Origami Society and has been taken up by many international institutions, magazines and television and globally noted as an invention originated in Japan.


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