Features of "miura-ori" and it's usage

● Folding flat items for carrying and storing
 Consecutive folding movement of the entire
 Can be folded and unfolded just by pulling (shoving)
 Can be supplied to sheet of large area due to the consecutive movement
 Available in sheets of various sizes and shapes

 Easy and natural folding and unfolding operation
 Creases open up to 180 degrees
 No damages and tears when creases are reversed
 Even sheets in landscape orientation can be folded

 Sight-seeing, events and rural maps
 Portable pamphlets
 Large-sized posters
 Pop fliers
 Magazine inserts
 Cooking recipes

 Large-seeing, facility guides
 Animals, plants and birds illustrated encyclopedias
 Card-sized foldable sheets
 Fashion catalogues
 CD inserts
 Portable operation manuals

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